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News & Events

21 Sep. 2019 Workshop: Voices of Hong Kong - The New Sensitive 香港的聲音 – 新敏感詞
24 May 2019 Symposium: Thinking Space in Hong Kong: Limits, Horizons, Imaginaries
27 Feb. 2019 Book Launch: Found in Transition: Hong Kong Studies in the Age of China
13-14 Nov. 2018 Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference 2017/2018
24 Oct. 2018 Lecture: 香港故事:梁醒波. Mr Leung Sing Por's Hong Kong heritage in his Canto-opera works
13 Jun. 2018 Hong Kong Keywords Workshop 2018
18 May 2018 A Symposium: Thinking Sound in Hong Kong: Practices and Prospects
2 Mar. 2018 《亂世破讀》散文攝影集分享會 Book Talk on Against The Grain
24 Oct.2017 Public Seminar: 香港週與菠蘿陣—五十年前的一闋插曲 The “Hong Kong Week” and the Bombs Parade: A Small Episode in the Year 1967
24 Jun.2017 Hong Kong Keywords Workshop 2017 香港關鍵詞工作坊
31 Mar. 2017 Local Music and Cultural Politics in Hong Kong 香港本土音樂與文化政治
29 Mar. 2017 Hong Kong Studies Knowledge Exchange Project: 關鍵詞:香港文化的再造 Keywords: Rethinking Hong Kong Cultures
23 Mar. 2017 HK Studies Talk: 端Talk — 本土?國際?世界公民在香港
13 Feb. 2017 Talk: A Bag(gag) of Identities: How ‘Red-WhiteBlue’ Travels from Hong Kong to Louis Vuitton
from a symbol of global migration to a high-end fashion accessory
4 Dec. 2016 浪人劇場《雕刻城市》-「劇場與文學的結合」分享會 Theatre Ronin – ‘Sculpting the CITY’‘When Theatre and Literature Integrate’ Sharing Session
17 Nov. 2016 HK Studies Forum 「香港音樂的本土味道」
12 Oct. 2016 SMLC seminar: A Cross-Cultural and Evolutionary Examination of Prepubescent Children’s Hormone Responses to Physical and Non-Physical Forms of Competition
11 Oct. 2016 HK Studies Forum: 《江湖‧文學‧現實‧香港》 陳冠中x馬家輝
21 Sep. 2016 SMLC seminar: Nineteenth-Century Canton Trade and its Relevance to Hong Kong Studies
18 Aug. 2016 Talk: Canton’s India Connections - A Dialogue with Amitav Ghosh
23-25 Jun. 2016 Conference: World Studies: Approaches, Paradigms, and Debates
7-8 Jun. 2016 Workshop: Hong Kong Keywords: A Vocabulary of Hong Kong Theory
28 Apr. 2016 論壇: 2047政壇新人類:政局分析. Forum Theme: 2047 New Voices in Politics
13 Apr. 2016 Talk: Floating Mountain: A comparative approach for the understanding of an oyster farming community in Hong Kong
24 Feb. 2016 Seminar: Maids, Mistresses, and Wives: Rethinking Kinship and the Domestic Sphere in Twenty-First Century Global Hong Kong
18 Nov. 2015 Seminar: The “National Question” and the Stories of Hong Kong
13 Jul. 2015 Lecture: Hong Kong 1957: Colonial Re-set in the New Territories
28 Mar. 2015 Seminar: Kung Fu & Hong Kong Culture
24 Mar. 2015 Seminar: We are what we eat? Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong.
12 Feb. 2015 Hong Kong Studies Knowledge Exchange Project: Synesthesia Hong Kong
7-9 Dec. 2014 Hong Kong As Method (香港作為方法) International Conference
10 Oct. 2014 趁香港還有我們 - 周耀輝博士
10 Apr. 2014 我所愛的香港 - 林夕 The Hong Kong I Love
5 Mar. 2014 Seminar: Lost (and Found) in Transition: Hong Kong Culture Reconfigured in the Age of China

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