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Interdisciplinary Elective Course
HKGS2013 Law, history and culture 6 credits
This course will enable students to research and examine the history of law and its connection with social, political and economic development of Hong Kong and China in the 19th and 20th centuries through students’ first-hand exploration of archival documents and images stored in libraries and the Public Records Office. Students, through a close reading of archival materials, will be asked to reflect critically on their conventional basic ideas about the legal system, social customs and culture of Hong Kong and China. These ideas include, among others: ‘Imperial China lacks the rule of law’; ‘Hong Kong’s rule of law is a British colonial legacy’; and ‘Chinese traditionally preferred settling disputes through mediation than resorting to the law’. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this course will explore how the notion of law functions as a site of discourse in the expression of identity as well as the articulation of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic differences.
Assessment:100 % coursework
(Not on offer in 2019/2020)

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