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BA Courses

Core Course
HKGS2001 Speaking of Hong Kong: Global voices 6 credits
We explore the key international and local scholarship and commentary on Hong Kong from before its transition to a colony, through to the present. The course provides students with insights into the significance of the diverse range of voices speaking about Hong Kong.
The purpose of the course is to facilitate in students a sophisticated appreciation of the importance of perspective when analyzing materials. At the completion of this course students will be able to explain how the ‘speaking position’ of either an individual or an institution alters the significance of a given text and alters according to historical moment and genre. The materials below comprise a corpus of global voices that speak of Hong Kong in relation to its position in the Empire, as a Colony, and in the People’s Republic: Travelers’ records, missionary letters, administrators’ diaries, and reminiscences of war-time internees. These materials will be examined alongside documents such as cartographic records, gazetteers, policy statements, planning documents, photographs, census documents, and posters.
Assessment:100 % coursework
(Offered in 2019/2020, 1st semester)

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