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The Hong Kong Studies Major charts new academic territory internationally - it is the first programme to focus on Hong Kong in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary structure in any university, not only in the SAR but also overseas. Currently courses on Hong Kong are spread across multiple faculties and disciplines and until this point no university has facilitated a coordinated approach to the teaching and researching about Hong Kong as a unique site worthy of its own focussed study. The major breaks new ground in this important respect.

The strong interest in “local studies” around the world has seen the emergence of courses on cities with globally recognised particular identities such as Beijing, Shanghai, London, Paris, and New York. Similarly, many countries have developed interdisciplinary Area Studies courses (such as American Studies, Australian Studies, New Zealand Studies). Hong Kong’s unique history as a city and a region, an imperial outpost, British colony and Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China presents a unique opportunity to explore the formation of city-identity within changing political contexts and with highly mobile populations.

Hong Kong Studies is ideal for students whose interest in Hong Kong crosses over disciplinary divides, as well as for international students seeking a detailed knowledge of their host region. It is also an ideal second major for those pursuing degrees in social sciences, business and journalism.

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